HVAC Service During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Yes, we are living through a horrible period in our history with so many people sick. Even with our modern medicine, we have not been able to completely stop the spread of this pandemic from Covid-19. Yet things are beginning to improve and there is hope on the horizon! We all need to continue practicing best efforts to be safe by maintaining social distancing, keep washing our hands when out, and wear masks and gloves when appropriate. This doesn’t mean though we shouldn’t continue to maintain our homes. We still need to provide regular maintenance and care that our homes need. Our furnaces and air conditioners are two of those items that do need regular care to run safely and efficiently. This article is meant as a review on how we can safely have our HVAC equipment maintained in a responsible manner. Remember, the better the equipment is maintained the more reliable the equipment will remain. When annual maintenance is performed on equipment, the equipment tends to break down less often and with fewer components wearing out. Dirty equipment runs for longer periods of time using considerably more gas and electricity.

Now that we had a refresher on why we need to maintain our equipment, how do we go about safely having our furnaces and air conditioners cared for during the pandemic? That is a great question and one we are all thinking. So, let’s start with this. Social distancing helps. Whether you’re outside in the yard or in your home, if we keep our distance, we are much less likely to become contaminated or unknowingly spread it ourselves. As you no doubt have heard, the experts recommend keeping at least 6 feet away from one another. So, keep your distance from any technician working in your home and our technicians will do the same. Our next suggestion is to make sure anyone who is inside your home who does not live there needs to have a mask on. If you have a guest or worker in the home, you too should have a mask on to protect both of you. No exceptions, everyone even young adults can pass on the virus even if they are not showing any symptoms. According to the CDC, many people become carriers and never know they were sick. Don’t take the chance, make sure you keep your mask on and ask them to do the same. Anyone working in your home should respect your needs regarding this and already have the mask on. Our employees have always been instructed to wear their masks while in your home. If a mask gets removed by anyone in your home, just request that the guest/worker put it back on. I’m sure everyone will comply with that request.

I was raised by an old fashion father where we were taught to look people in the eye when speaking with them and shake hands to convey friendship and a warm greeting. Our business communities have done this since long before any of us were born. So, shaking hands is a lifelong tradition for many of us. We need to evolve and skip this pleasantry moving forward. I catch myself reaching out to shake hands still, but I am retraining myself and so I know you can as well. This should be the same for you when you’re in your home. I along with many experts believe a verbal greeting is going to be just fine moving forward and will become the new standard for business even if it takes a while for us to evolve to a safer method of greeting each other. Don’t forget to wash your hands. This just can’t be overstated how important it is to keep washing our hands throughout the day and reframe from touching your face. Using hand sanitizer in addition is also a great idea. If someone extends their hand to shake just politely decline. While our technicians are in your home, we wear gloves to add an additional layer of protection to the experience. We also frequently use hand sanitizer as a further precaution.

We here at [name] are doing our part to halt the spread of this deadly virus and to date have not had an employee become infected. We hope in part the measures we’ve put in place for our employees have made a real-world difference for them and for you our customers. When we are working in our customers’ homes, we take all these precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. This gives you the flexibility to keep your HVAC equipment working in proper condition without putting yourself in any undue risk. Call today at [phone] to schedule your annual maintenance for your air conditioner and should you need an AC repair on your unit call with confidence we will manage the service call in a safe and professional manner for you and your family.