Help Protect Your Family From the Coronavirus

Everyone is asking the same question: “What can I do to protect myself and family from Coronavirus?” Yes, there are some things we can all do to help protect ourselves and our families from catching and spreading the Coronavirus. There has been much already published on what to do including washing your hands, wearing masks, and boosting your immune system with vitamins but there are a few things you may not have thought about.

Let’s start with the common sense stuff. Social distancing is an excellent preventative strategy. During this pandemic avoid crowds when possible. When you attend a large gathering such as a rally or sporting event you are touching and brushing up against people all the time. This offers the virus an opportunity to be spread quickly. You don’t even need to be touched, all someone has to do is cough or sneeze and you could be in the 10-foot radius that gets exposed.

Wash your hands! This can’t be said enough as a primary preventative precaution. It’s good hygiene to start with but this should absolutely be done and done often. We have encouraged our technicians to keep hand sanitizer in the trucks and every time they get back into the truck after a call to sanitize their hands. Keep your vehicle sanitized as well. Using wipes, clean your car/truck dashboard, handles inside and out along with anything in reach of you while you drive. Especially if you have had ANYONE inside your vehicle if only for a moment as they could be a carrier. We recommend wiping these things down once a day along with the steering wheel.

Early information out of China indicated that one of the ways that coronavirus spreads quickly is through the household. One person brings the virus home knowingly or not and others in the home get infected. This is one area where you can do something to help stop the virus from spreading. You could seriously improve the air quality in your home and your family’s health by adding air cleaners and/or air purifiers. These types of devices can be added to your existing ductwork. They work along with the furnace to help clean the air inside your home by reducing and eliminating viruses and bacteria in the home. The air purifiers or UV Lights are quite effective at improving air quality. There are several types of purifiers and they do not all work the same way so to make sure you get the best option for your home, speak with the experts at Aaron & Trecker Furnace & Air Conditioning. We believe in this technology so much we use the Respicaire technology in our own homes and office. To see how an air purifier of this type works, watch the video below:

The sun is natures air purifier and these units work much the same way. Like our sun, these units produce UV light which destroys the RNA of viruses and DNA of bacteria effectively killing them as they pass by the light in your duct system. Additionally, many of the UV systems produce a small amount of ozone which is released into the air stream circulating throughout the entire home. The combination of ultraviolet light and ozone is a powerful combination for cleaning the air and helping to disinfect your home. This process will also address viruses on surfaces throughout your home further reducing the risk to you and your family. It is important to know there is not yet specific scientific data released for the effectiveness of these devices on Coronavirus. However, these devices have proven to be very effective against similar type viruses including SARs which is also a deadly virus and part of this same family of viruses.

Above we talked about air purifiers which do an outstanding job of purifying the air, however, there is another type or category of devices that improve air quality for your home as well. This group of products are called air filters. We are not referring to a 1” disposable filter you throw away every month. These types of filters remove particles up to 1000x smaller in size than those cheap disposable filters. Amana has one of the best filtering systems available in the industry today called the Evolution Air Cleaner. This air cleaner features Amana’s patented “Capture and Kill Technology” which not only removes the viruses from the air but kills them as well so they can’t multiply. It safeguards your home by capturing and killing 99% of the particulate in the air. Watch the video below demonstrating how this air cleaner works:

To sum things up, the epidemic we face today with the Coronavirus is quite serious and sometimes deadly! We need to take precautions not just to prevent ourselves from getting sick but from spreading the virus to others as well. Social distance, improved hygiene, disinfecting your workplace and car are all great preventative ideas but don’t forget about your home. Air cleaners and air purifiers could become a key component to protecting your family’s health. To learn more about indoor air quality, check-out our IAQ page or call the office at 847-865-8170 to speak to one of our filtration experts!

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