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AC Maintenance

Summer brings with it sticky hot nights and insects that bite. At Aaron & Trecker we can relate to the long hours of being unable to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Avoid uncertified technicians or fly by night companies that offer cheap prices and poor quality work. You could end up spending a lot more money and still not be satisfied with the outcome. To enjoy the luxury of a working air conditioner one must make sure that the maintenance and services are done annually. Experts recommend that you book your AC maintenance service at least once a year to get your system thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and serviced. Our technicians are expertly trained and fully licensed enabling us to advise you on the best AC maintenance options to suit your needs. Call the experts at Aaron & Trecker to get the job done right. We will send out one of our talented technicians to assess your air conditioner and determine your AC maintenance needs.

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Advantages of hiring a skilled maintenance contractor in Lake Zurich, IL

At Aaron & Trecker our staff are fully insured, licensed and experienced. We take pride in providing premier AC maintenance services in Lake Zurich, IL and the surrounding areas for close to four decades now. Our service experts make it a priority to follow all safety procedures and protocols each time we perform AC maintenance. We will follow our AC maintenance checklist to ensure that every part of your machine is properly serviced allowing you to rest easy. By maintaining your air conditioner you will not only save money on energy, but you will also extend its lifespan, and saving money on costly early replacement. Not many people realize that there is a connection between your health and the quality of air you breathe. If you spend a large amount of time indoors you may be unaware of the pollutants that are creeping through your home via the AC system. Choose us to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable by booking your AC maintenance service today.

Why should you choose Aaron & Trecker?

At Aaron & Trecker we are transparent, honest, flexible, and committed to excellence. Since our establishment in 1984, we have been a company that provides the quality service you deserve. At Aaron & Trecker you are part of our service family. That is why we will make sure that you get the services you require for both your commercial or residential properties at prices you can trust. Rely on us to receive optimum results, benefit from affordable prices and save money in the long term through reduced energy consumption with fewer breakdowns.

Affordable air conditioning maintenance inLake Zurich, IL

We understand that in these unique times everyone is worried about unexpected costs. We offer AC repairs and AC maintenance that are affordable and can fit into your budget. Our main priority is your peace of mind after we leave. We also offer financing solutions to meet your individual needs. Give us a call to find out more.

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The air filter is typically located near the return air duct or blower. Consult your owner’s manual for the exact location of your model’s filter.
It is generally recommended that you replace your AC unit’s air filter every 1-3 months, depending on the frequency of use and the type of filter you are using. If your AC is running less frequently or if you have a reusable filter, it may be necessary to replace your air filter less often.
You may notice reduced airflow from your AC unit or increased energy bills. If you are unsure, consult your owner’s manual or an HVAC professional for guidance.

Contact the team at Aaron & Trecker at 847-665-1724. Remember we are not comfortable until you are! Choose Aaron & Trecker for Quality AC maintenance service at affordable prices. Our well-trained team is available 24/7. We provide solutions that are budget friendly while maintaining a 100% workmanship guarantee. Why delay? Give us a call today to book your AC maintenance service.