Will I save money with a heat pump ?

What is the cost to operate a furnace vs a heat pump

Most people only need to look at their gas and electric bill to see generating heat in winter takes a lot of energy! The most efficient gas furnace today is about 98% efficient and electric strip heat is close to 100% efficient but when compared to a heat pump which can operate at close to 300% more efficient than furnaces do, it is no wonder heat pumps are gaining in popularity daily! You may ask how can a heat pump be so much more efficient than furnaces and the answer is simple. Furnaces produce heat through the burning of fossil fuels or converting electricity to heat like a toaster wire does. Heat pumps do not create heat they simply transfer it from one place to another. Generating heat requires a lot of fuel, but because a heat pump does not generate heat, it only uses enough electricity to circulate the refrigerant through its pressurized lines and distribute the heat it has collected from outside of your home to inside your home.

Operating costs for a gas furnace vs a heat pump vary widely with many factors to consider. While exact operating costs depend on the climate where you live, the outside air temperature, the type of home and directional exposure your home has, along with both units’ efficiencies and local utility costs all impacting operating costs. The utility costs vary monthly both for gas and for electric. The cost for natural gas generally goes up in the winter months raising the cost to operate a furnace. While electric costs often go down decreasing the costs to operate a heat pump. These factors make it difficult to determine actual operating costs. Since heat pumps work on the same principle as air conditioners during the summer months, the costs to cool your home with either will run about the same. One step you can now take to help control your energy costs is to add solar panels to your home and create your own electricity. Paired with a heat pump you could have the ability to heat and cool your home year-round with the electricity you produce from the sun.

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Future flexibility

Many people today have started to focus on how they can reduce their utility bills and their carbon foot print at the same time. If this is something you are interested in, then one way you can do that is when it is time to change or replace your AC unit, replace it with a heat pump. Anyone looking at their electric and gas bills knows how much electricity and gas has gone up in price. One way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill is to add solar panels to your system. They can generate the electricity you need for your home and you can sell back any extra electricity you do not use to the electric company. If you add a heat pump to your home you could heat your home most of the year by electricity reducing your gas bill and increasing your over-all energy efficiency. Solar panels are a perfect match for anyone wanting to reduce the energy they pay for and being green at the same time. A heat pump powered by solar panels is incredibly energy efficient. If you would like to find out more about heat pumps and how you can reduce your energy bills, please contact us at 847-865-8170

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Heat pumps are an excellent way to reduce your energy use and lower your monthly bills, but they aren’t always the best solution for everyone.
One of the main factors that determines whether or not you should install a heat pump is your climate. If you live in a region with moderate temperatures year-round, then installing a heat pump can be an effective way to reduce your energy use.
Heat pumps are designed to work in tandem with your current heating or cooling system, so it’s not recommended that you use them as your sole source of heating or cooling.

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