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Do you keep running out of hot water when you and your family need it the most? It can be frustrating when everyone is in a hurry to get to school or work, and your water heater suddenly stops producing enough hot water. What do you do?

While water heaters can develop problems at any time, with professional installation and regular maintenance services, you can easily prevent unexpected hot water outages and extend the life of your water heater. Aaron & Trecker Heating and Air Conditioning is the name that comes to mind when it comes to water heaters. We are the company to call in Lake Zurich, IL, and neighboring areas.

If you desire the best water heaters in the market, Aaron & Trecker Heating and Air Conditioning is where you should look. We provide water heater installation, annual maintenance, emergency services, and water heater repairs in Lake Zurich, IL, and nearby areas.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Hot Water Heater Installations by yourself

What Are Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair?

One of the most common water heater problems is leakage. You should call your local contractor if you notice any water under your tank or if you see signs of a leak on the tank. Smelly water from your water heater may be an additional concern that should be addressed. You should get a properly trained contractor to check it out. Other signs include that your water heater starts to make unusual sounds. These could be popping, whining, or cracking noises. Additionally if you run out of hot water despite your home having less usage. This issue may be a result of a faulty heating element or too much sediment building up on the inside of the tank.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Water Heater Replacement, in Lake Zurich, IL?

The type of water heater you opt for will affect the water heater replacement cost. Are you interested in a traditional tank water heater or a tankless water heater? Is your water heater of choice a high recovery unit or standard recovery time? Is it gas-powered, or electric powered? All of these factors will determine the final cost of your water heater replacement. The location of your water heater affects the labor cost and thus the replacement expenses. Harder to reach installation places incur higher labor costs. Another factor that affects the cost of water heater replacement in Lake Zurich, IL, is the size of the water heater. Bigger water heaters are usually more expensive than smaller ones.

In addition to providing the best water heaters, we also excel at providing air conditioning, heating, wifi thermostat , indoor air quality, and sump pump services.

Why should you run the risk of losing your hot water supply when we can provide protection from unnecessary and prolonged water heater breakdowns through proper installation and maintenance?


There are a few different things that you can do in order to ensure that your water heater is functioning as efficiently as it should be. Some of the most important steps include checking the thermostat regularly, keeping it clean and free from debris, and making sure that all of its parts are working properly.
There are several different types of water heaters that are commonly used today, including tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, and gas-powered water heaters.
If you have any problems with your water heater, it is always best to contact a professional who can help you troubleshoot the issue and make any necessary repairs.

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