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Need an air conditioning company in Elk Grove? At Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning our mission is to cater for all your air conditioning requirements. Since 1984, we have been the number one AC repair company and heating repair company Elk Grove, IL. We offer air conditioner installation service completed by our AC technicians who are highly qualified and certified. We will also make sure your AC is ready for summer with our affordable AC maintenance services in Elk Grove, IL.

We are here to make winter enjoyable with our home heating services including:

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How To Know It's Time For AC Repair?

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Benefits Of AC Maintenance Services In Elk Grove, IL

It has been proven that properties which receive periodic maintenance are 15-20% more energy efficient. With the right maintenance technician and AC maintenance services in Elk Grove, IL you can prevent your AC from energy loss which happens through changes in climate, air leakage and AC malfunction. The expenses related to AC repair can be quite frustrating, when you have AC maintenance services in Elk Grove, IL.

Catch potential problems at the right time so they don’t turn into bigger disasters. An air conditioner which is properly maintained means better indoor air quality. AC maintenance services in Elk Grove, IL will make sure your ductwork and air filters are free from pollutants which cause allergies and asthma.

Any equipment which uses electricity is a potential fire hazard. When your AC is neglected, it increases your chance of a house fire. Did you know that during 2006 – 2010 there were 2500 house fires which resulted from AC failure? AC maintenance services in Elk Grove, IL makes sense not only for your comfort but for your overall safety as well.

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