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Experiencing AC blues? Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner dampen your comfort. It’s high time you connect with Aaron & Trecker—your true ally in combating cooling crises! Reliability is our ethos, and with our round-the-clock AC repair offerings, we stand as the quintessential preference for outstanding air conditioning services in Barrington, IL.

Endowed with factory certification, our technicians are a cohort of adept professionals who are committed to reinstating your AC’s vigor with utmost speed and professionalism. They are equipped with comprehensive training, advanced tools, and a wealth of knowledge which empowers them to diagnose your AC issues swiftly, present a transparent walkthrough of necessary reparative actions, and mend the problems in a way that is both quick and long-lasting.

Our ambition extends beyond mere repairs; we aim for enduring and budget-friendly solutions to uphold the comfort your home offers. In search of supreme HVAC expertise and a wallet-friendly air conditioning establishment? Your answer lies with Aaron & Trecker – give us a call today!

Common Issues with Air Conditioning Systems

Is your air conditioner leaving you hot under the collar? Frequent culprits like refrigerant leaks and obstructive filters could be to blame. AC units leverage refrigerant coolant to extract heat from your space. A leak can cripple your system’s ability to cool effectively. Meanwhile, filters clogged by dust and grime can significantly undermine airflow and the overall performance of the system, calling for routine changes or clean-up to sidestep blockages.

Other prevalent concerns include fan malfunctions and faulty controls that can cause your AC system to overheat or cease functioning altogether. The majority of these problems are preventable through yearly maintenance.

Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repair

When the breeze from your AC seems tepid and feeble, it typically signals a problem with airflow or refrigerant. Staying on top of maintenance and addressing repairs promptly is vital to maintaining your system’s peak performance. With the efficient services from Aaron & Trecker, air conditioner rehabilitation need not break the bank or cause headaches. Our pragmatic, approachable, and swift repair solutions seamlessly rectify any AC concerns, restoring peace and comfort to your abode. Don’t delay – phone us for the aid of our amiable, skilled technicians right at your doorstep.

Barrington, IL

Affordable AC Repairs in Barrington, IL

Air conditioning is instrumental to our domestic bliss, and like any piece of machinery, requires upkeep. Aaron & Trecker simplifies the process, valuing both your time and budget. We pride ourselves on delivering premier services at the friendliest prices, with experts adept in an array of AC system models.

Don’t let an underperforming system linger – preemptively addressing repairs can avert the need for a premature system overhaul or potential residential damage. For a consistently cool dwelling or workspace, reach out to Aaron & Trecker without delay.


If your central AC is on the fritz, start by inspecting the circuit breaker or fuse box. It might have simply blown a fuse or tripped the circuit. If that’s the issue, reset the breaker or replace the fuse and attempt to restart the air conditioner.
The specific location of your AC’s filter hinges on your unit type. Window AC units typically have the filter behind the front grille, while central air systems have it situated in the return air duct.
Consider a replacement if your AC has been operational for over a decade. Frequent repairs, soaring energy bills, and inconsistent cooling are other indicators it might be time for an upgrade.

Call Aaron & Trecker at 847-865-8170, and discover the benefits that our top-notch AC repair solutions can offer you. Avert the inconvenience of unscheduled repairs and mediocre service by partnering with the premier air conditioning repair company in Barrington, IL.