Furnace maintenance in Lake Zurich: Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist!

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As winter approaches, it’s time for homeowners in Lake Zurich to take the necessary steps to make sure their furnace is functioning properly and safely. With regular furnace maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL, a furnace can last around 15 years or longer; however, without timely check-ups and preventative care, it could fail at any moment. Regular inspections and tune-ups of your home’s heating system not only help keep your family safe but can also reduce energy costs while increasing the efficiency of your furnace. In this blog post, we’ll be looking into what should be included in an annual maintenance checklist when it comes to keeping up with your home’s heat source!

  1. Check and replace air filters: A dirty air filter can reduce airflow which will cause your furnace to work harder and less efficiently. Aim to change or clean your filter every three months, or more frequently if you’re sensitive to allergies.
  2. Clean the blower wheel and motor: Clogged dirt and debris can slow down the blower wheel and motor, reducing efficiency. The blower wheel should be checked for proper balance, alignment, and rotation direction.
  3. Look over all connections: Make sure that all electrical connections are tight and secure to prevent any potential problems with shorting out or fire hazards in the future.
  4. Check for gas leaks: If there is a gas leak present it could be a sign of a faulty connection or valve. Make sure to have your technician check for any potential gas leaks and take the necessary steps to correct them.
  5. Check the heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is responsible for transferring heat from the furnace firebox into the air that is then circulated throughout your home. Have an experienced technician inspect the condition of your unit’s heat exchanger and make repairs if needed.
  6. Clean any dust and debris: Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris can build up over time in your furnace system, reducing its efficiency. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dirt and dust as possible without damaging any components of the system itself.
  7. Test the safety switch: The safety switch is responsible for turning your furnace off if it gets too hot. Make sure to test this switch with a multimeter each year to make sure that it’s still functioning properly.
  8. Check thermostat accuracy: It’s not uncommon for thermostats to malfunction and give incorrect readings, so having an experienced technician double-check its accuracy will ensure you have consistent temperatures in your home.

By following these steps and completing your annual maintenance checklist, you’ll save yourself stress and money in the long run while helping keep your family safe from potential risks associated with a faulty furnace system. If you’re looking for furnace maintenance near Lake Zurich, IL, contact Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today at 847-540-9585 for help.

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