When to call for Boiler Replacement Services in Lake Zurich, IL?

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Boiler replacement services are not always planned for in advance, but they should be. You never know when something will happen and when you will need a new boiler. It’s important to make sure that your current system is working efficiently, and it’s time to schedule boiler replacement services in Lake Zurich, IL:

  • The system is over 10 years old: Older boilers are less efficient than newer ones, so if you haven’t replaced your boiler in the last decade or longer it may be time to think about upgrading. Instead of spending large amounts on boiler maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL, you can plan to purchase an advanced boiler.
  • You consistently have repairs: Even though they don’t always cost much money, repairing an old system is not the most effective use of that money. If you’re constantly spending more to fix something or scheduling boiler repair in Lake Zurich, IL then it’s worth getting a new one instead.
  • Your bills are high: This might seem obvious, but sometimes people neglect how important their heating systems can actually affect their energy bill costs each month. If prices for gas and other utilities are higher than normal during the winter months there could be an issue with your current system which causes those rates to go up significantly compared to other seasons.
  • The efficiency has decreased below 80%: The performance and efficiency of the system would have been excellent during furnace installation in Lake Zurich, IL, but as you use it, you would be noticing a decrease in its efficiency. A boiler system should be at a minimum of 80% efficient to continue running, but if yours has fallen below that mark it may need replacing.
  • The fuel source is no longer available: Some older systems won’t work with alternative sources for energy or will require extensive repairs after adapting to those new methods of heating as well as the expense and time needed to make those changes.
  • You have an emergency situation: Sometimes things happen unexpectedly so being prepared in advance is key. If you have a large problem that needs attention right away don’t wait until your current system breaks down further before getting it replaced by professionals.

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