What are some Furnace Maintenance tips I can do myself?

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Furnace maintenance is an important part of ensuring the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your home’s heating system. Regularly servicing and maintaining your furnace can help to reduce energy costs as well as prevent breakdowns. Professional furnace maintenance in Hawthorn Woods, IL is recommended, but there are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself. Here are some tips that you can do yourself to keep your furnace running smoothly:

  1. Check the air filter once a month – Air filters should be replaced or cleaned every one to three months depending on how often it is used. A dirty air filter blocks airflow which reduces the efficiency of the furnace and increases energy costs.
  2. Vacuum around the blower- Compressed dust and debris can build up inside the blower, reducing its performance and leading to failure if not removed regularly. Use a vacuum to clean around the blower as well as any visible dust and debris.
  3. Check for gas leaks – If you have a natural gas furnace, check for gas leaks regularly. To do this, turn off all other appliances in the house and listen for a light hissing sound from the furnace that could indicate a leak. Also, pay attention to any unusual odors coming from or near your furnace which could be a sign of gas leakage. Professional furnace maintenance in Barrington, IL usually includes a check for gas leaks.
  4. Inspect the flue pipe- The flue pipe is responsible for venting toxic gases out of the home safely when operating in warm climates; it should be checked regularly to ensure there are no blockages or loose connections that can cause malfunctions.
  5. Clean the blower- The blower should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and debris from interfering with the system. Use a damp cloth or vacuum attachment to remove any visible dirt and dust.
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Following these simple tips can help keep your furnace running efficiently and safely throughout the year. However, if you notice any irregularities or want to know about the heat pumps cost in Lake Zurich, IL, it is best to contact an experienced technician like Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning.

We can inspect, maintain, and repair your furnace if it needs any work. We can help you choose the right furnace for your home and make sure the installation is done properly. Additionally, we also offer heat pump services in Lake Zurich, IL. Contact us at 847-540-9585 for more information.

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