Signs you need Water Heater Replacement in Lake Zurich, IL!

Water Heater Replacement in Lake Zurich, IL

Is your water heater past its prime? Do you cringe every time you turn on the shower and the rusty water snakes down your drain? Regardless of how much or how often you use your water heater, it’s bound to start leaking one day. But when should you call a plumber? Here are some early signs that your water heater is on its way out and you need water heater replacement in Lake Zurich, IL.

  1. Rusty Water

Generally, the water that comes out of your faucets is clean and clear. If you notice rust stains in the bathroom or brown, murky water coming from your kitchen sink, it is a sign of hot water heater repair. The rusty-colored debris is likely minerals that have collected on the insides of your water heater. If they remain in place, you’re left with rusty water every time you use the shower or the sink. That’s not good for anyone’s skin! Turn off the gas and get a replacement before it gets any worse.

  1. Leaking Heat Exchanger

If you notice a leak, turn off the gas first and then call a plumber. When you first notice water dripping out of your water heater, it means that there’s already some corrosion inside the tank. If ignored for long, the damage will only get worse which is why you should act fast once you find signs of leakage or condensation on your water heater.

  1. Frequent Gas Shut-Offs

If your water heater runs out of gas often, this means that there’s less hot water left in the tank. If you go for a few days without having to refill it with gas, then you have yourself a sign that something’s wrong! Aging water heaters are more likely to run out of gas since it doesn’t heat the water as efficiently. If your tank runs out of fuel multiple times in a month, then you need to search for a water heater replacement near me or in Lake Zurich, IL.

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