Mini Split Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Running Smoothly


Mini split systems conveniently add air conditioning and heating to your home or office without costly, invasive ductwork. However, like all HVAC systems, they require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Here are some valuable Lake Zurich, IL, mini split maintenance tips you should follow to keep the unit in great shape:

  1. Change your air filter regularly – A clogged or dirty air filter can cause the system to overwork and wear out faster. You should check your mini split’s air filter at least every three months and change it when necessary.
  2. Clean the outdoor unit – A mini-split system’s external components must be free of dirt, dust, leaves, and debris. To do this, use a brush or vacuum to remove any buildup from the unit’s surface and ensure obstructions do not block it.
  3. Check refrigerant levels – Low refrigerant can cause your system to run inefficiently and create unpleasant air quality issues, such as dry air or hot spots in certain areas of your home. If your system’s refrigerant levels are low, contact a professional to recharge it.
  4. Keep an eye on the evaporator coil – It works with the condenser coil to absorb heat from inside your home and send it outside. If these coils become dirty or clogged with debris, they won’t be able to do their job, which can cause your system to overwork and run inefficiently.
  5. Schedule annual maintenance – Scheduling a routine AC maintenance in Barrington IL, with an experienced technician, will help you catch minor issues before they become major problems. During a tune-up, the technician will inspect the entire system, clean or replace components as needed, and ensure it is running smoothly.
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These steps will help keep your mini-split system in good condition and extend its life expectancy. Regular maintenance can save money by helping the system run more efficiently, so it is well worth the effort! If you need assistance maintaining your mini split system or other HVAC services, contact an air conditioning expert today to ensure your system runs optimally.

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