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Are you looking for a heating repair in Lake Zurich, IL? Aaron & Trecker are dedicated to providing customers with exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our technicians are trained to provide excellent customer service and we guarantee all of our repairs. You can trust that your home will be taken care of by an experienced team who knows how to get the job done right! Also, you don’t have to worry about being cold this winter because Aaron & Trecker- the best heating repair company in Lake Zurich, IL will get your heater back up and running quickly!

Repair Signs That Show Your Heating System Is Ailing

Repair signs are often easy to spot, ranging from a house of broken windows to an open garage door all days of the week. If you have seen one or more signs that indicate your heating system may need repair, it is time for you to call our heating repair company in Lake Zurich, IL.

  • Broken Windows & Doors Broken windowpanes and doors could mean more than just draughts in winter: They could mean damaged pressure controls on your furnace or boiler unit. Check these components if ever you find yourself noticing drafts around these areas during cold weather.
  • Trouble with Your Thermostat: No matter how complicated your thermostat may look, understanding the basics behind it would help you get an idea of what’s wrong with it. One sign of this is if your system seems to keep switching off even when the set temperature has been reached or exceeded. Another thing that can give you an indication of a faulty thermostat is if you notice your heating bills are higher than usual despite winter being long gone.
  • Broken Or Cracked Pipes & Ducts: Sometimes, damaged ducts and broken pipes are not visible from the outside, but they pose great health hazards. If ever you catch unusual odors coming out of vents or ducts in your home or workplace, call a professional right away. We can repair your heating ducts and pipes for you.
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