Is Your Furnace on its Last legs? Are You Looking for a Replacement?

If your home is getting older and finding it more difficult to stay warm, or if your heating bills seem higher than they should be, it’s time to schedule furnace replacement in Long Grove, IL. Replacing an old gas furnace with a new energy-efficient model can pay for itself in as little as one year because of lower utility bills.

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There are many factors that can affect your decision to replace an old furnace. Some homeowners wait until they’re certain their unit is broken before making the switch; however, it’s not uncommon for furnaces to require significant repairs shortly before reaching the end of their lifespan. At this point, it may be cheaper overall to just buy a new furnace rather than paying for major repairs multiple times.

Why Should You Have The Furnace Replaced?

If you’ve been dealing with constant breakdowns, high energy bills and need more heating and cooling power for your home, it might be time to consider replacing your old furnace. If your unit is more than 10 years old, it may be inefficient and cost you too much money over time. A new system can give you better comfort control and will reduce your reliance on older systems that are less efficient at heating or cooling each room in the house evenly. Installation of a brand-new model also provides an opportunity to improve indoor air quality because the filter system will catch much smaller particles that pass through conventional HVAC filters.

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