3 Warning Signs You Need A New Furnace!

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When winter arrives in Lake Zurich, IL, temperatures drop and there’s nothing quite like the warmth of a furnace to stave off freezing icy blasts and make your home more comfortable. But if your furnace isn’t working properly, it is time to consider replacing it – before you get caught out in the cold. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike with unexpected repair bills or sudden breakdowns from an outdated system, learn how to recognize three warning signs that show you may have to schedule furnace replacement in Lake Zurich, IL today.

  1. Unusual Noises: If your furnace is making strange noises such as rattling, banging, or clanging then that’s a sure sign of trouble. While it could simply be loose bolts or panels that need to be tightened, these noises could also indicate an issue with the blower fan or other components inside the unit. If it’s an old furnace, these components may be too worn to perform their job properly and need to be replaced.
  1. Unreliable Heating: If your furnace isn’t providing consistent heat or is on and off frequently, then you may have a problem with the system’s thermostat or wiring. When these components fail, your furnace could be unable to maintain a steady temperature in the home and you may find yourself constantly adjusting it to stay warm. Though you schedule furnace repair in Barrington, IL to fix these issues, an older unit may not be worth the money and time. In such cases, you’ll want to look into furnace replacement.
  2. Excessive Energy Usage: An old or malfunctioning furnace can also be inefficient and cost you more money on your monthly energy bills. If you’re noticing unusually high electricity bills, then it’s likely that your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it should.

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs with your Lake Zurich furnace, it may be time to consider replacing it. Upgrading to a newer and more efficient model will not only save you money in the long run but also ensure you have reliable heat all winter long. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor today and get started on your furnace replacement in Lake Zurich, IL.

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