Common Signs You Require Water Heater Repair Lake Zurich, IL!

Water Heater Repair Lake Zurich, IL

One of the essential household appliances is the water heater. It has to be evaluated regularly for issues like leaks. When there is even a tiny leak in the heater, it can be dangerous to the walls, floors, and your entire personal property. If you wish to avoid damages, the water heater has to be evaluated regularly. Are you finding your heater leaking? Call the reputed experts for water heater repair Lake Zurich, IL, and also follow these steps to determine the issue. These steps may help in preventing expensive bills and serious damages in your home.

Find out the exact source of leakage in your water heater!

Broken pressure and temperature valves:

The horizontal lever is situated at the tank’s upper part or near the water vent joint. When water gets heated, the horizontal level expands, releasing the steam. The pressure and temperature valves permit the extra steam or water to move out of the water heater, preventing it from exploding. Remember, when there is a leak in the pressure and temperature valves, it has to be quickly replaced. It is not a serious repair. Be it a major or minor issue, schedule for water heater services Lake Zurich, IL, and get it fixed as early as possible. When you delay or do not solve the leakage, it can develop into a major issue, causing several repairs and damages to your house.

Slack water line connections:

There are chances of loosening or corrosion of the tubes that carry cold water to the water heater and transfer hot water to the sink and shower. Due to this, there would be leaks. But if you are noticing the valves in rusted status, you have to replace them entirely. Also, the pipe fitting may get loose and it has to be tightened.


The water heater can withstand corrosion to a certain extent but it can get affected by corrosion when it is functioning for several years. The majority of water heater leaks happen due to the corroded tank unit. The same problem can happen in your boiler. If you are noticing corrosion in the boiler, schedule for boiler services Lake Zurich, IL.

Broken drain valves:

The drain valves in the water heater are made out of plastic, composite material, or brass. Though plastic is the most affordable option, it can break at any time, resulting in leakage. Composite and brass are reliable and tend to handle higher temperatures.

Repair your water heater by contacting a leading plumber!

When the water heater is leaking, it should not be taken lightly. The leakage has chances to damage the hot water tank and also results in the development of dangerous mold-breeding fungi. At times, the water may enter into invisible areas such as underneath the floors and behind the walls. Most homeowners may think that they can repair the leakage issue on their own. But it is best to approach a professional and experienced plumber as early as possible.

If there are signs of corrosion or rust damage, you should not deny calling the plumber. It is a complicated issue that tends to develop and result in complete water tank replacement. When you call a professional plumber or HVAC technician, he would inspect the entire water heater and explain whether replacement or repair is the best option.

When the pressure valve or drain valve is broken, it is simple to replace without any expenditures. But if there is a plastic valve before the leak, purchasing a valve that is manufactured out of a reliable substance like composite or brass is a safe option. It helps in avoiding future damage because of hot temperatures.

All water heaters develop a certain level of condensation and it is very normal. But if you are noticing damages or rust in the water tank, you should note it as a sign of replacement. It is not worth saving a water heater that has complicated repairs. Certain leaks and issues in the water heater are simple to fix and some are challenging. When you call a professional plumber, you will get an idea about the status and how to rectify it. Aaron & Trecker are experts in performing the water heater repair Lake Zurich, IL. If you require their services or wish to ask your doubts or need a quote, you can call and speak to the experts at 847-865-8170.

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