AC Installation Checklist: Steps to Ensure a Smooth Cooling Upgrade


Installing a new air conditioner is an exciting upgrade for any home and can be a great way to ensure you are comfortable in the warm summer months. However, some crucial steps should be taken to ensure a smooth transition before installation. This Long Grove, IL, AC installation checklist will be helpful.

  1. Know Your Space: Before purchasing, you must know the size of the space you are cooling. Try to measure your home’s square footage and check whether or not it fits within the manufacturer’s specifications for the unit you plan on buying. You should also consider additional features such as dehumidifiers and air purification systems.
  2. Check Your Electrical System: Ensure your electrical system is compatible with the AC you will be installing. This means ensuring that the electrical wiring, outlets, breakers, and other components are up to code before installation.
  3. Perform a Pre-Installation Cleaning: Clean the area around where the AC will be installed by removing any debris, dirt, and leaves that may have accumulated in the air ducts or vents over time. This step is essential in ensuring that dust and other particles aren’t blown into the home from the outside.
  4. Find a Qualified Professional: Do not attempt to install your AC independently if you are not qualified, as it could result in damage or even injury. Always contact a trained professional with experience installing the type of AC you purchased and check for any possible warranties that they may provide. Such technicians will also be experienced in Hawthorn Woods, IL, AC replacement and repair services.
  5. Prepare Your Home: Once the installation is complete, there are still a few steps to maximize your new AC’s efficiency. Ensure all windows and doors are properly sealed and insulate walls or ceilings to keep cool air inside your home.
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Installing an AC can be an exciting upgrade for anyone looking to stay comfortable during the warmer months, but taking the proper steps and precautions before installation is essential. With a successful installation, you can enjoy energy savings and peace of mind for years.

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