3 Things You’re Overlooking With Your AC Maintenance In Barrington, IL!

Summertime means hotter temperatures, which can be uncomfortable for many people. Air conditioning is one way to combat the heat, but if your AC unit isn’t maintained properly, it won’t work as well as it should. Here are three things you may be overlooking with your AC maintenance in Barrington, IL.

  1. The air filter should be changed frequently

The air filter is accountable for trapping dust, dirt, and several other airborne particles. Over time, the filter can become clogged, which can reduce airflow and make your AC unit work harder than it needs to. To keep your AC unit running efficiently, be sure to change the air filter every few months.

  1. The coils need to be cleaned

The coils in your AC unit can become dirty over time, which can reduce their ability to absorb heat. To keep your AC unit running efficiently, be sure to clean the coils regularly.

  1. The refrigerant levels should be checked

Whenever you are scheduling residential or commercial AC services in Lake Zurich, IL, be sure to ask the technician to check the refrigerant levels. If the levels are low, it can reduce the efficiency of your AC unit.

By keeping these three things in mind, you can help ensure that your AC unit is running properly and efficiently. For more information about AC maintenance, contact a local HVAC company like Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning.

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