Furnaces, Boilers and Geothermal. Is a New Heating System In Your Future?

We’re beginning the heating season here in Illinois, and now is the time to think about your home heating system. If you’re struggling with an aging system and find the winters are too cold, too expensive, or both, it’s time to consider your heating options. Here are three:


A furnace is a forced-air system that burns oil or natural gas and distributes the heat throughout your home via the duct system. This is a tried and true way to heat your home, and for good reason. You may want to consider a furnace if you already have ducts throughout your home as well as basement space for the furnace itself. With proper maintenance, a furnace can last you 20 years or more.


Like a furnace, a boiler works by burning oil or natural gas, but it uses water instead of air to distribute that heat throughout your home. Boilers are the most powerful heating systems on the market, so they’re great if you have a large home. They do tend to be somewhat more expensive to install, but you can make that back over time with increased heating efficiency and a longer-lasting system.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal or ground-source heat pump is perhaps the most efficient heating and cooling option on the market today. These systems are like standard heat pumps, but they use an underground loop to take advantage of the stable temperatures deep inside the Earth to provide highly efficient heating and cooling throughout the year. While transitioning to a ground-source system can be expensive, it’s also an incredible long-term investment in your home. The underground components should last 50 years or more, and even the above-ground components will last about 25 years with minimal maintenance.

With a variety of good heating options to choose from, you need to work with a local heating and cooling expert to help find the best solution for your home. There are a number of new features associated with each of these systems that improve energy efficiency and provide improved comfort for you and your family. Learn more about our heating solutions online or call 847-540-9585.