Troubleshooting Your Furnace When It’s Blowing Cold Air

Winters are intense in northern Illinois, and people depend on a well-functioning furnace system to stay warm and healthy during the cold months. If your furnace is not working properly, there are several ways to troubleshoot the unit before calling a professional furnace repair service. Here are some simple maintenance tasks that a homeowner can perform to keep an HVAC system working properly.

  • Clean the filter. The primary reason a furnace or air conditioner stops working is because of a dirty filter. Dirty filters reduce the flow of air, making the unit work harder. Eventually, the unit may stop working. Filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly when in constant use.
  • Check the power supply. Make sure the switch is on. If the unit will not turn on, a tripped circuit breaker may have interrupted power. Reset breakers.
  • Check the thermostat. A poorly calibrated thermostat can affect indoor comfort.
  • Check the pilot light or electronic ignition system. Clogged components may prevent gas from flowing through the lines. Problems with fuel lines, ignition and combustion should be left to professionals.
  • Have a tune-up. Before using the furnace for the first time in the fall, have an HVAC contractor inspect the entire furnace system.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Tune-ups make sure that all elements of the system are working properly. A well-performing unit uses less fuel to operate, which saves money on utility bills. It also reduces the need for air conditioner and furnace repair. A furnace tune-up includes:

  • Examine vent pipe, chimney and plenum for cracks
  • Oil all moving parts
  • Clean filter
  • Adjust controls
  • Test for carbon monoxide
  • Clean the blower
  • Check burners, ignition and combustion
  • Check seals between unit and ducts

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