Programmable Thermostats Save Money and Do So Much More

Heating costs in Greater Chicago can get quite high if you’re not careful, and Lake Zurich homeowners appreciate all the assistance they can get. A programmable thermostat can really help; it can save up to 20 percent on energy consumption, and that’s just for starters.

Proper Programming Is the Key to Saving Money

For maximum savings, the device should be set to turn the heat or AC back when no one is home and while you’re asleep. Bryant’s Evolution® Connex™ Control SYSTXBBECN01 can be programmed for up to seven days in advance with different temperatures for awake, away, asleep, at home and on vacation. It switches between heating and cooling depending on your temperature settings, and the Smart Setback feature adjusts output for maximum efficiency during away periods.

Fan Speed Increases Comfort Without the Cost

Bryant’s Evolution® Connex™ thermostat has four levels of programmable fan speed. Adjusting fan speed can make you feel cooler or warmer without changing the temperature.

Maintenance Reminders Keep HVAC Healthy

This thermostat will tell you to change the filter if it’s dirty. Otherwise, it will remind you to replace the filter according to a set schedule and tell you when it’s time for HVAC maintenance.

Compatible With Zoned Systems For Greater Savings

Zoning can decrease heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent. Bryant’s Evolution® Connex™ Control thermostat can be programmed to manage temperatures and airflow in up to eight different zones.

Can Be Integrated With Home Automation Technology

The Evolution® Connex™ Control SYSTXBBECC01 can be integrated into home automation systems. With WiFi connectivity, it manages temperatures, ventilation, zoning and humidity, and you can access the system remotely with any WiFi-enabled device.

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